(cover image by Kati Szilagyi  for the Lily)

Shreyashi Chanda

I was eleven years old when my paternal uncle sexually assaulted me -Shweta (an IT employee).

When we read this line it may sound as surprising that how can a person hurt his own   family but if we contemplate for at least two minutes we will realize its not as surprising as  it sounded before because at some point or the other we have also faced the same thing. Maybe it was not a close relative, maybe not some trustable person but there was someone who had touched inappropriately, took advantage of our innocence. Maybe we did not  realize then that it is wrong, maybe we did not realize how to distinguish between a bad and good touch, maybe the world was not so much informative. Remember the Me-Too hashtag phase where everyone used to post about how they were exploited? We all got the courage   to reveal our story when one stood up for it. It was triggered.

But why do we not share our abuse, stigmas, and taboos on our own?

There are various reasons for it.

We often think that if we expose our story, our family will not believe us. When you get hurt, you expect the nearest one to sympathize with you but when you realize that they accuse    you instead of your character, you lose that trust. You realize there is no one listen to you.

Law and orders are just some articles published in the IPC book. Even if you muster the courage to file a complaint, you even face harassment or some sort of mockery by the people around you.

Our family often fears that if the news gets spread, it will spoil their reputation and thestabilityofthefamilyasthereisaprobabilitythatthisstorycanpassfromonegenerationo the other.

Why cant we have a normal and fearless world where everyone can live, work and lead their life fearlessly. If every one of us just makes a small effort to play our part perfectly without thinking about its pros and cons, I believe the world or at least our country will not be perfect but at least a better place to live in. 

It’s just the first month of the newyear.We are still left with many days/months/minutes/seconds as we have a long way to go.