Insia Dariwala (Founder)

Insia Dariwala,is an Advertising and Mass Communication graduate from F.I.T New York,an award-winning international filmmaker and a TEDX speaker who effectively uses her 14 years of expertise as a writer,director to highlight social evils like child sexual abuse, rape and Female Genital Cutting through the medium of visual arts and cinema.As a natural extension to her dedication for bringing social change, Insia took her video activism to another level by founding two NGOs that work at the grassroots level in India.While ‘The Hands of Hope Foundation’ works at creating awareness on CSA in schools, communities & slums in India,‘Sahiyo’ empowers Asian communities to end female genital cutting (FGC) in India and transnationally.Most well-known for the first ever Photo campaign and petition on male child sexual abuse in India, she is today actively involved with the WCD Ministry of India, in formulating effective Preventive Measures &Advocacy efforts on Child Sexual Abuse, and is instrumental in changing the narrative of CSA to also focus on the vulnerability of boys.Some of her recent awards include the prestigious ‘Women have Wings’ courage award,U.S.A, the ‘’We the Women ‘H.E.R’ award, U.N Women, and has also recently been selected by the United Nations as one of the 100 most Inspiring women of India, to be featured in a book called ‘Phenomenal She’.Insia is also a Change.Org fellow and is part of the She Creates Change program, which mentors change makers to create impactful campaigns,which bring about change with the help and support of signatories around the world.An avid writer,her work features on, ‘TLF-lifestyle & Travel’ and ‘Books & More’.

Rajiv Pandey (Co-Founder)

Co-Founder Rajiv Pandey,is an acclaimed T.V writer who has weaved many successful dreams for the small screen and contributes his expertise to the many creative activities of the organisation.A child abuse survivor himself,Rajiv had faced sexual abuse at a tender age of 4,by someone he had trusted.Having gone through the lasting negative implications of sexual abuse,Rajiv is now on a mission to create awareness and a positive change in the lives of those affected,by offering a unique method of healing,through creative writing and storytelling.