RPP is a program under which, the following workshops/seminars are conducted:

  • Children’s sessions: (Grades 1st-10th):
    This workshop, conducted in schools, communities, shelters, slums, etc. educates children and creates awareness about how they can protect themselves from abuse. Age appropriate sessions are conducted, using the medium of animation films/drawing tools etc.

  • Reel-to Real: (5th-10th):
    A session conducted with older children, to combat the increasing misconceptions of the visual medium, through a documentary film ‘Real to Reel’, which educates children to differentiate between fiction (films/television/internet/video games) and reality.

  • Positive Parenting:
    Is a seminar to sensitise parents and teach Parents the impact of cycle of violence along with imparting knowledge on positive parenting. This seminar also creates awareness and sensitises adults about CSA (Child Sexual Abuse).

  • Training the Trainers:
    This seminar educates volunteers and area team leaders on how to address incidents of CSA in their areas of work and also educates them about the existing laws, legal help and medical help, which could be made available to both children, and adult victims of sexual violence.