Anjali Ved

Humans have been narrating stories since the time of their existence. Stories are an inseparable part of our lives. We live to tell, hear and exchange stories. But what is so powerful about telling stories? Imagine being in a lecture or an event. The host is talking to the audience. He speaks in facts and figures and everyone is bored. The moment he says,’’ You know what happened once’’ and he has got your attention. You know he will narrate a story now so you are all ears. You want to know what happened once. You want to relate to the host’s story or feel compassion. Stories connect us. Whatever the topic might be but, on some level, you know something similar has happened to you as well. You know you are not alone. You feel more powerful, more empathetic.

Think about the time you came home from school running to your mother telling her all that had happened in your class that day. You were telling a story. Think about the time you were dying to tell your best friend or share with someone close about how your boss treated you that day. We share happy and sad stories. We tell the happy ones to share the joy and the sad ones to get some burden off our shoulders and more importantly to know that our friends, families and close confidantes are with us. Stories make us laugh, cry, feel compassion and love. It helps us to understand the feelings and emotions of the storyteller. It makes us human.

‘’There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’’

Maya Angelou