At THOHF, we believe in applying unconventional strategies to combat the issue of Child Sexual Abuse;creativity is one of them.In a short period of 3 years, THOHF has successfully executed pathbreaking, and innovative creative projects, using different formats like films, applied art, animation, and the digital platform medium.

‘Betrayed’- The Kala Ghoda Art Installation project, Mumbai 2016

In February 2016, KGF awarded THOHF with a space for Public Art Installation.The theme was ‘Child Sexual Abuse-Beyond Borders.The Art installation titled ‘Betrayed’ was visited by more than 1.5 lakh people in 9 days and started a dialogue on an otherwise difficult topic like child sexual abuse.It also won the runner up prize for the installation.

‘Tara and Raju’-Puppetry Animation Video,in collaboration with Pearl Academy-2016-2017

Tara and Raju is one of the first films on Good Touch Bad Touch,which educates young children in the regional language of Hindi.The film was mentored by Insia Dariwala and executed by the students of Pearl Academy,Mumbai.It is currently being used the educate children in schools & slums on how to protect their spaces and bodily rights.You can view the film here.

‘End the Isolation’-Phase 1-A Photo Campaign Project 2017

End the Isolation was the first ever Photo Campaign on Male Child Sexual Abuse and released online.The campaign which only had 5 men feature in it,created shockwaves in the society when they shared their stories of rape,abuse and pain and was carried by almost every media agency in India.Such was the power of this campaign and the petition on Change.Org,that it went on to change the way society viewed male child sexual abuse and creates a much needed amendment in the legislations and laws.Thanks to the campaign,the WCD Ministry recently announced a gender neutral law for child victims of rape/csa,neutral survivor compensations and is also working on amending the rape laws, which until now did not recognise rape on men,by men.You can view the campaign here:

‘End the Isolation’-Phase 2-A Photo Campaign Project 2018 (Work in Progress)

The Second phase of ETI will feature all 3 genders.The idea stemmed about from the success of the first phase.The operative being If 5 faces, 5 stories, could shake a legislation, imagine the power of 50.The campaign will travel to 5 cities of India, to celebrate 50 brave survivors who have excelled inspite of their adversities.Currently, the campaign is completing its Mumbai and Pune Chapter.Read full article here.