When the times were tough during 2nd lockdown in India and the going got tougher for under privileged groups. We at THOHF did our bit by supporting the less aided transgender community. We have always believed in inclusivity and that is what lead us to initiate a donor driven food drive. We provided rations to transgenders and and families of sex workers.

The drive was conducted on May 17th, 2021 in Pune lead by transgender activist Sonali Dalvi. She distributed 40 ration kits from the ration community..

Food Drive in Pune

Our second food drive was done in Noida on the 31st May, 2021. It was lead by Urooz Rizvi.A total of 35 transgenders were benefitted through this drive. THOHF appreciates and salutes Bala Deshpande for funneling her aid for the beneficiaries, through both of the above projects

Food Drive carried out in Noida